Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on March 18, 2021

Wikimedia UK in partnership with Coventry University held an event on Wikimedia for educators.

This one-day event explored the potential of editing Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia platforms) for learning, teaching, assessment, and outreach in Higher Education.

The programme hosted keynotes from Prof. Allison Littlejohn (Director of UCL Knowledge Lab) and Lorna Campbell (Senior Service Manager – Learning Technology, University of Edinburgh), and included presentations by experienced practitioners on the use of Wikipedia and its sister projects in higher education, research insights, hands-on workshops and unconference-style sessions.

This was a satellite event of OER20, and participants here registered for that event to carry on the conversation from Coventry. It builds on previous work in the education sector, including a summit at Middlesex University in 2017 and the Wikimedia UK Education Meetup in 2016.


Disruptive Media Learning Lab / Coventry University


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