Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on Jun 1, 2016
On 27th April, the DMLL hosted it’s second Expo event that looked into exploring new ways of teaching and learning which motivates both the staff and students. With keynote speakers Brian Lamb, Jim Groom and Fiona Harvey with us for the event, they discussed what Ed Tech and Open Badges means and does for Higher Education. Other sessions that commenced thorughout the day were ‘Why Flipped Learning’ by David Ridley; ‘Flippin’ Heck’ by Alan Richards; ‘Why Games?’ Sylvester Arnab and Luca Morini; along with Highly Sprung: Commotion’s engaging approach that combines dance and drama to create an interactive performance.

Direct links to talks:

Brian Lamb

Jim Groom

Fiona Harvey and Jacqui Speculand

Brian Lamb and Jim Groom

Why Games? with Sylvester Arnab and Luca Morini

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