Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on Nov 07, 2018

The design and learning principles of “Connected Learning” emerged from a 3-year culture study of how youth learn when networked in digitally rich and connected environments (Ito, et al, 2012). Join me in this session as I share the foundational “Connected Learning” principles, and feature stories from key #connectedlearning networks I have co-designed in order to facilitate intercultural learning and collaboration between classes in different parts of the world.

My case study accounts include two open online learning networks: “Equity Unbound” or #unboundeq (co-designed and facilitated with Maha Bali & Catherine Cronin) and “Networked Narratives” or #NetNarr (co-designed and facilitated with Alan Levine). In particular, I will share insight on critical infrastructuring for connected learning – an ongoing creative process of fully integrating participants into the experiences of indeterminate and unpredictable collaboration and community formation.

Disruptive Media Learning Lab / Coventry University
Twitter: @disrupt_learn

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