Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on November 29, 2019

Contributors: Charlotte Maxwell & Alexandra Simmons

Charlotte Maxwell
“I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has been recently published in TIME, Independent and Moscow Times. As well as a teacher who researched extensively and volunteered in refugee camps across Europe. I decided to take on a different approach, as I felt there was a real need for a more long term solution when addressing the refugee crisis. This is how I came up with the idea of TimePeace. As a Chinese Masters graduate from the University of Edinburgh, I have been working and living in countries all around the world. This has helped me develop my language skills and adapt to living and working alongside people from different cultures and backgrounds.”

Alexandra Simmons
“I am social entrepreneur. My atypical career began as an honorary WPP fellow in advertising in Australia where I worked with global brands – KFC, Skyscanner, Jagermeister etc. In 2016, I got involved in the grassroots humanitarian response in Calais, Northern France. There I head up the operations and acted as media liaison for one of the aid NGOs working in the refugee camp serving 10,000 displaced people. Since 2017 I have been learning business by doing and have co-founder the NFP TimePeace and two other start-ups. I currently divide my time between these ventures and working as a start-up consultant.”

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