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Published on November 29, 2019

Remix Play is a one-day event for academics, university staff, students, community leaders and others to enjoy inspiring talks, hands-on experiences, and roaring conversation.

Rooted in the playfulness of Amazonia, Remix Play 3 sets itself in the world’s vastest playground, the Jungle. This years’ event will have its finger on the pulse of where Playful Inspiration and Social Innovation meet.

Social innovation is all about inclusivity to make people’s lives better, and we believe that everyone has the capacity to be their own social innovator to make the world a better place.

With the voices to be heard and the playfulness to be inspired by, the Jungle encapsulates the festivity of Remix Play 3 – an initiative that aims to ignite creativity, collaboration, and action through playfulness.

Speaker: Dr Richard Tomlins
Richard is an Assistant Professor, International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE), Coventry University. He’s an internationally recognised expert (he thinks!) in the creative economy, social value and entrepreneurial innovation, community cohesion, regeneration, equalities and social inclusion as well as driving business and social gains through commissioning, procurement and social impact measurement. Richard has been Professor of Race, Diversity and Housing at Leicester De Montfort University, and Visiting Professor of Race and Diversity at Coventry University. More recently he has led creative economy and empowerment projects including with Instituto Feira Preta in São Paulo.

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