Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Published on Nov 07, 2018

Wikimedia UK supports the Wikimedia in the Classroom program across the UK. This entails a range of classroom engagement with the Wikiprojects, from Wikipedia to Wikicommons and Wikibooks and Wikidata.

We have now grown our experience in co-developing course support with educational institutions, to empower their students’ use of Wikimedia platforms as a digital literacy and information literacy tool. This presentation will focus on important skills and learning outcomes that students can develop by through engagement with Wikiprojects; why there’s increasing interest in Wikimedia in the Classroom; the level or preparatory work necessary before using Wikimedia, and the monetary case for embedding Wikimedia into your classroom materials.

We’ll also look at future developments of Wikimedia in the Classroom courses, as they’re likely to increase in their sophistication (following the current trend), and how strong networks of educators around the Wikiprojects will only increase their efficiency.

Disruptive Media Learning Lab / Coventry University
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