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Published on Jan 15, 2019

The Gamification in Learning seminar (12 Dec 2018) was organised to celebrate and showcase outcomes from the CreativeCulture project. It also marked the launch of the Gamification (myCapsule Space) lab, where the event was hosted.

The seminar presented ideas about playful and gameful learning, to extend formal engagement methods in teaching. Gameful learning experience promotes lifelong learning, and reshapes thinking about learning for 21st century knowledge economies and open societies. The seminar tapped into playful inspirations of existing traditional games played by various cultures in Sarawak and all around the globe.

In the workshop, participants developed playful solutions to address serious challenges, themes and topics. Two keynote speakers spoke about gamification of learning, from perspectives and experiences in the UK, the US and in Malaysia. Success stories by teachers who have used gamification in their own classrooms were also presented at the seminar.

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