by Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Publication date 2018-04-23

Attainment is a real challenge in education. Furthermore, attainment
based on personal goals, group features and cultural similarities and
differences, seems a large objective. Diversity is always an asset, even
disparity inside the classroom, when the facilitator take them as a
tool to boost learning and the right attitude in the student. However,
how to make it? How easy or difficult or cost-effective or do-able is to
make a virtue out of something that complex? Clustering seems to be a
perfect tool to address common singularities in a group. Personalization
does not mean individualization, necessarily, and yet, it comes with a
large load of goods for every student.

In this seminar, we will address the individual and the group, the
power from the cluster and the ways to support attainment based on those
very factors. Because attainment is a key for success, but
contextualization is the means for significant progress.”

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