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Published on Dec 10, 2015
Foreword by David Seelow:
Online education will continue to expand because of the growing need for colleges and universities to recruit adult learners and maintenance some measure of cost control.

Online courses have often suffered from a formulaic approach to learning that does not adequately engage the goal oriented adult student or the digitally savvy younger students raised on games, mobile devices and touch screens.

In this presentation David talks about how the School of Liberal Arts at Excelsior College as used the model of Alternate Reality Games and Storytelling in the design of two innovative online courses: HUM 325 Secrets: a Cyberculture Mystery Game and ENG 102 Advanced Composition: The War of Words. He also talks about a new systematic process for building game-based learning into the curriculum.

About David Seelow
Dr. Seelow received his Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and his Master’s degree in English from Columbia University. He has expertise in classroom instruction, curriculum design, online learning, critical thought, and educational theory.

He is founder of the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (owl.excelisor.edu), which has won four national innovation awards for distance education and one best of the web award. He Cofounded the Center for Game and Simulation Based Learning in 2013.

Dr. Seelow has extensive experience in synchronous online and asynchronous training design with New York State.

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